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How to Create & Implement an SEO Keyword List for Your WordPress Blog

If you’re new to running a blog or website search engine optimization (SEO) can look and sound like black magic; do this, do that, and kazam – you’re #1 on Google.

In reality there is nothing too mysterious about it. Search engines (most prominently Google) have ways of indexing and ranking content. Search engine optimization is nothing more than a process of consistently applying certain best practices that help make it easier for search engines and the people using them to find your content. This process begins with making an SEO keyword list; a list of words and phrases used when referring to (and therefore in searching for) your product or service. (more…)

The Monthly WordPress Themes Roundup, January 2013

Today we are rounding up some of the new WordPress Themes that were launched last month.

Many of the new themes are responsive and mobile ready which means that designers are keeping up with changes on the design world. New features like more layout options, custom pages and custom widgets show that there is still a lot to explore and develop in the WordPress market. We hope you enjoy the list.


The WP Views Guide to Launching Your Website with WordPress

For the uninitiated – and by that I mean the non-WordPress user – the idea of launching your own self hosted WordPress site can seem a bit intimidating. The truth of the matter is that it’s actually really easy to do and it continues to become easier with each new version.

From the beginning WordPress has been a platform designed for content creators first and everyone else second. It’s strength is in making the basic functions (the core product) easy for anyone to grasp and use in minutes while providing advanced features that more tech savvy users can implement if they choose to. This approach has made WordPress the world’s #1 blogging platform and content management system (CMS). It has been so successful that over 50% of the web’s top 1 million websites are built on WordPress. Obviously they’re doing something right. (more…)

The Best of the Newest Premium WordPress Themes

2012 has seen some interesting trends in web design, not least of which is the grid-style gallery layout, which no doubt gained popularity with a lot of thanks to the huge success of Pinterest.

Another trend that is, without doubt, here to stay, is responsive design. With the number of internet users connecting via mobile devices growing daily, responsive design is not so much a trend as a new standard. The increasing use of HTML5 and CSS3 is also affecting website design. So here we are bringing you a selection of some of the best premium WordPress themes that have been released at the end of 2012.